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New Life for Old Locomotives

New Life for Old Locomotives

As part of a multi-year plan to modernize CP’s aging fleet, 30 high-horsepower, six-axle AC locomotives will run through the modernization program in 2017, with more slated for 2018.

“We worked closely with GE to develop a model specifically tailored to meet CP’s needs,” said Tom Lambrecht, Assistant Vice-President Mechanical – Locomotive. “Over the years, we’ve identified reliability issues with aging equipment and are investing in technology that will eliminate those failures in the future, allowing better overall fleet reliability and supporting CP’s ongoing mandate to improve service quality while reducing operating costs.”

Piece by piece, each locomotive is taken apart and rebuilt. From a new main and auxiliary cab to a new diesel engine and cooling system, the modernized fleet will have all the capabilities of a new locomotive but with a lesser price tag.

“Our partners are always looking for more capital efficient ways to do things,” said John Manison, General Manager Locomotive Modifications for GE. “So we really shifted focus in early 2016 and built a whole organization around modernizations and capital efficient answers to help our customers, like CP, become more efficient.”

Building a strong collaborative relationship over the past 20 years, CP and GE identified the areas of opportunity where modernizing technology would be an economically viable way to improve performance. GE’s Jim Hilderhoff, responsible for commercial sales for the Americas, has been a part of the CP relationship from the day the first AC4400 locomotives were purchased. Jim is particularly proud of the relationship both companies have cultivated over the years.

“It’s been a journey for both of us; one I’m grateful to be a part of,” said Jim Hilderhoff. “We’ve been able to stay close and work together through challenges, as business demands changed over time. The modernization program is just another great example of creating a platform to extend this partnership that is working well for both companies and therefore working for our shareholders and respective customers.”

Canadian Pacific Magazine followed our AC 4400 locomotives to GE’s locomotive manufacturing plant in Fort Worth, Texas to see how 200 tons of steel gets stripped down and rebuilt into a modern powerhouse.

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