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From Assembly Plants to Markets

From Assembly Plants to Markets

No matter your preference, a coupe, mini-van, pick-up, sports car, or crossover, there’s nothing quite like driving off the lot in a new car. For almost a century, CP has helped connect people to the driver’s seat of their new ride, moving new and pre-owned vehicles as well as automotive parts to markets across North America.

Our extensive rail network and vehicle distribution facilities give auto manufacturers direct rail access to stations between Vancouver and Quebec City; Detroit and Chicago, and Kansas City. Coupled with our automotive compounds in key markets across Canada and the U.S., customers can rely on us to move their vehicles safely with consistent and reliable service.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC) is one of the automotive manufacturers relying on CP to do just that. For 46 years, CP has helped Toyota deliver their vehicles to dealerships across North America. Serving its manufacturing plants in Cambridge and Woodstock, Ontario, we helped them deliver 48,912 carloads, approximately 571,000 vehicles, to new car owners in 2017.

“Toyota Canada values strong collaborative and stratified engagement from all levels within a supplier’s organization,” said Christopher Popjoy, National Account Manager, Automotive. “Commitment to teamwork is very important to them and in CP they’ve found a true partner.”

In September 2017, CP received Toyota’s silver honours in their Carrier Award Program, where we were recognized for achievement in three categories: on-time performance, damage-free service and overall customer service.

Canadian Pacific Magazine teamed up with TMMC in Cambridge to show you how cars move from assembly lines to markets.

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