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A New Legacy

A New Legacy

CP’s new fleet of grain hopper cars are beginning to make their debut across our network. With a goal of eventually replacing our entire legacy fleet, which have provided over 40 years of service, the 5,900 new hopper cars will improve CP’s grain service offering across North America.

Built by National Steel Car in Hamilton, Ont., the cars began coming off the line in October 2018 and are quickly integrated into CP’s fleet in order to better serve farmers, our customers and the North American economy. The new high-capacity hopper car design is shorter, lighter and can carry more grain. The shorter frame enables more cars to fit on a train of the same length. Using the new hoppers within our current 7,000 foot model, we can accommodate 118 cars per train versus 112, creating approximately 16 percent more capacity per train.

The purchase comes as CP moves to an 8,500-foot High-Efficiency Product (HEP) power-on model for its dedicated grain trains. Under this model, CP’s high-efficiency dedicated trains will eventually be able to fit 147 of the new cars within the 8,500-foot train design, each carrying more grain than the retired cars.

The future of grain at CP is one of increasing efficiency that will benefit grain shippers, farmers, port terminals and CP’s network. While CP is already an industry leader in grain movement this investment of more than $500 million will help ensure that we remain on top of the grain supply chain.