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Develop People winner Nathalie Chamourian Managing Director of Intermodal Assets and Demand Management
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Nathalie Chamourian began her journey with CP in 1997 when she joined the Operations Management Trainee program. She now holds the role of Managing Director of Intermodal Assets and Demand Management, in which she works closely with sales and marketing, trucking services and intermodal operations teams to enable the execution of CP’s intermodal strategy. In November 2018, she took part in the Coaching Capability Program, which she says was a pivotal point in her career.

“Going through that program changed my perception of leadership,” she said. “It helped me understand what a good leader is, how they act and how they inspire others.”

Chamourian recognizes that in the workplace, employees don’t always have the opportunity to learn or understand other teams’ efforts, nor do they understand their challenges. Listening to TED Talks inspired her to develop a CP learning series to keep employees engaged and excited to learn. It has been a popular series ever since. During sessions, teams voluntarily provide a 30-minute presentation on a topic highlighting an area within the intermodal line of business, followed by a question and answer period.

“It is a development opportunity for somebody to present to an audience of teams from other departments and talk about their area of expertise. It provides a forum for knowledge sharing, allowes people to get curious and to learn something new in a friendly environment,” she said.

Chamourian’s heart is in everything she does, including this initiative, as she is continuously working towards developing a better workplace. What she enjoys most about her job is her diverse and collaborative team, and the fact that her job allows her to touch all parts of the railway. CP’s value of diversity resonates most with Chamourian, because to her it means, “Valuing differences of opinion and perspective, and acknowledging that these differences lead to innovation and building a strong team,” she said.

“I can attest to how valuable these sessions have been to bridge understanding among departments. These presentations have given myself, and my team, a chance to expand our knowledge of the intermodal business that we may not normally be privy to,” said Chris Kennedy, Manager Service Delivery Intermodal Network Service Centre. “Every presentation has been unique to the team and the individual presenting and has shown the diverse talent we have within intermodal.”

Chamourian’s colleagues describe her as dedicated, inspiring and genuine. Working alongside her, they witness her enthusiasm and drive, including her love for CP. Her energy, enthusiasm and passion for railroading are contagious, and her leadership by example is outstanding. Throughout her career, she has developed into a tremendous leader who is constantly inspiring those around her.

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