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A New Beginning

Connecting to a new home, career and CP family.
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Two years and seven months away from the woman he loved, Raymund Palma, Machine Operator, joined his wife, Joy, in Kamloops, B.C., leaving behind the life he knew in Singapore for new shores. Originally from the Philippines, Palma found a steady job in Singapore working in the mechanical industry, but was desperately trying to find work in Canada to join his wife. He stumbled upon CP after doing what most of us do when trying to find a job – took to Google, searching for jobs in the Kamloops area. After a little bit of research, and speaking with a friend of Joy’s who worked for CP, Palma knew he had found his future. Canadian Pacific Magazine was fortunate enough to talk with Palma about his move, his job and his love of family.

Palma was officially hired on by CP in 2017. This was the start he needed to launch into what Palma knew would be a lifelong career with the railroad. He was first hired in Kamloops and then sent to Revelstoke under the watchful eye of mentor and Roadmaster, Chad Deschamps.

“I was moved by the incredible journey Raymund made with his family from the Philippines. He shows so much appreciation and dedication for having an opportunity to have a career with CP. He has many goals and with his capabilities and attitude, I know he will achieve them,” said Deschamps.

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In turn, Palma credits Deschamps with instilling in him his attention to safety – one of our core foundations. Deschamps, Palma explains, “only wants to make sure everyone goes home safely at the end of their shift.” Palma is impressed that a company values his well-being and ensures he’s trained safely. Proud to be working and living in Canada, he has recommended CP to three other friends that newly immigrated to Canada from the Philippines, all of whom were hired on as part of the steel gang. A new generation of railroaders brings diversity to CP that is exciting. A thirst for knowledge and passion to succeed is a recipe for a successful railroading career.

In his spare time, Palma enjoys spending time with his family including their newest member, baby Noa. In Kamloops, they found a community which they both love and are happy to be part of. The Palmas host international students and enjoy taking trips to showcase the beauty and wonder of this great land to their visitors. He’s eager to see as much of his beloved adopted country whenever he can, and both Joy and Palma are working on their citizenship.

“He showed so much appreciation and dedication for having an opportunity to have a career with CP.”

The work may be hard in elements that can range from a blistering +40°C to a bitterly cold -30°C, but Palma loves to be outdoors and aspires to one day work in a mechanical position, as he used to back home in the Philippines. For now, Palma is content to work his way up the ladder, soaking in every opportunity that comes his way, and learning the trade. What was once only a dream to live in Canada, became a reality thanks to CP. And for that, he is grateful.

Connect to a rewarding career at CP

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